Why should you be certified?

There are multiple reasons to become certified in your field.

Industries are constantly becoming more competitive. Chances are, you’ve probably been turned down from a job before. That means that someone else had a better resume, more qualifications or a better skill set than you did. Were they really better than you or did they have a better way of presenting proof of their knowledge?

Certification is proof that you have been rigorously tested or evaluated for competency in a specific field or set of job duties. If you are competing for a job, without a certification, versus someone who is certified, you can bet that you won’t be the one getting hired.

If you are working in a certifiable field without a certification, your certified coworkers are likely to be earning a higher salary and have more potential for promotion. Surveys conclude that certified employees are trusted with greater responsibilities and have more independence at work.

In some fields, a certification will determine what job duties you are allowed to perform. This translates directly into how expendable you are as an employee. Everyone is replaceable but some are harder to be replaced than others.